More Americans visit Norway

By on 05/11/2015

Never have so many Americans travelled to Norway. The ingredients are the Disney movie Frozen, more direct flights, and hard work.

– We have seen an increase in 35 percent in 2014 in American tourists travelling to Norway. There have never been so many Americans going for their holidays to Norway. These are record high numbers, said Region Director Americas at Innovation Norway, Svein Berg.

Three reasons
He believes there are three reasons for the record numbers.

– One important factor is the Disney movie Frozen that are presenting Norway’s nature in a wonderful way. Many Americans got their eyes up for Norway and travelling to see the fjords and the mountains. The northern light is also getting more famous.  Another reason is that more air companies having direct flights between Norway and the US, said Berg.

He believes the third reason is hard work from their side.

– We are working hard every day to promote Norway to Americans. We have good cooperation with the Norwegian tourism industry, and last year we focused more on social media.  It is nice to see that we succeed. An extra bonus is that American tourists are using more money in Norway than other tourists. A survey shows that each American tourists are using 2.880 NOK (367 USD) every day they spend in Norway. That are amazing numbers, especially when we know that each American stay in average ten nights in hotels while visiting Norway, said Berg.

Will there be a Frozen 2?
According to Cinema Blend, Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film ever with $1.274 billion in worldwide grosses. According to them, there are concrete plans from Disney to make Frozen 2. When, where, or what part Norway will play in this, is impossible to say on this date. Disney has not come with an official statement. Berg does not know any plans for a new movie, other than the news he read in media.

– That would be amazing if there is another Frozen movie. Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world, and we have had a good cooperation with them. If there is any new movie coming, we are ready to go on with the cooperation if the opportunity shows up, said Berg.

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