Norway has more lakes than Finland aka “The Land of 1,000 Lakes.”

By on 05/12/2015

Although Finland has been named ” The Land of a Thousand Lakes”, Norway’s lakes do in fact  far outnumber Finland’s. About 450,000 (half million) lakes in Norway are identified, compared to the 188,000 lakes in Finland. About 200 lakes are 10 km² (1000 hectars or 4 square miles).

While Norway’s freshwater lakes are modest in area, several lakes are among the deepest in the world or in Europe.  Hornindalsvatnet in Nordfjord district is the deepest lake in Europe and the 12th deepest in the world (at least 514 meters), but only 50 square kilometers surface area. This lake is only 50 meters which means that most of the lakes volume is below sea level. Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake and located in central eastern region, is also the 2nd deepest in Europe and the 19th deepest in the world.


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